If someone is poked on Facebook and they have no friends, do they make a sound?

Answer Yeah, they do. It is very similar to the sound that the tree did when it fell and no one was around. Actually it's the same. So yeah, but why would a tree fall if it's alone? Hmm.

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Can someone fully recover if they have been poked in the eye with a pen or pencil?

they cannot all will depending on the specifics of the damageusually yes

If I POKE someone on facebook and then block them, will they still see that I poked them?

No they wont. If you block them, its like the other person never existed. Just move on, and dont worry about it :P

Facebook: If two people have 92 mutual friends shouldn't they be friends?

well if people have 92 mutual friends and aren't friends themselves than most of the 92 probably aren't real life friends, just friends over facebook. It seems the average for everyone on facebook ... Read More »

2 of my friends say that they have had sexual intercoarse before what is the worst disease they can get?