If someone is disabled and therefore unemployed but getting SSDI how can he obtain a person to person auto loan for a used car?

Answer Answer "he' would call local lenders until he found one willing to make a loan based on his CR and expenses and income.

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Is a person who is disabled and on SSDI required to repay a debt if a judgement was ordered against them while they are currently on SSDI?

Yes. Addendum: You have a legal obligation to pay your debts; however, under Federal law (Title 26 USC § 6331 and Title 26 USC § 6305), Social Security disability income can only be levied by the... Read More »

Life of a disabled person who helped another disabled person?

How to Help an Unemployed Person?

These days when unemployment is so rampant, anybody could be the next one who got the pink slip due to company's cost saving lost to global competition. If we are still holding a job, no matter how... Read More »

Can an Unemployed Person Get a Pell Grant?

Pell Grants are federal funds that help students afford college. The Pell Grant is a need-based grant, going to students who can demonstrate a financial need for tuition support. Students must meet... Read More »