If someone has a seizure 2-3 months ago will it show up in a EEG now?

Answer No it won't. You have to be having the seizure during the EEG.However, abnormal brain waive activity can show up on an EEG when you are not hang a seizure, so it's worth a shot.

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How to Help Someone Who Is Having a Seizure?

Medical attention given to seizure patient.When someone is having is seizure, they will often experience involuntary movement and involuntary changes in behaviour and awareness for 60-90 seconds. I... Read More »

What are you supposed to do if someone has a seizure?

If they are sitting put them on the floor. If thy are standing the will put themselves there by falling. Keep them safe by not letting them bang into anything and time how long the seizure is. Afte... Read More »

How do you help someone who is having a seizure?

Most seizures are self-limiting and stop by themselves after various periods of time. However, a person having a seizure may be injured; breathe food, fluid, or vomit into the lungs; or not get eno... Read More »