If someone has 2 coronas and 4 shots of vodka in a 2-hours time span, is that casual or problem drinking?

Answer Then stay away from this one, even if he doesn't have a problem by definition he is working on it. Hook up with someone who holds the same ideals and interests you have. Please don't "lower" you ... Read More »

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What is this weird sensation I get after not drinking my vodka for the past 48 hours?

Is there a problem if you are a guy and you are seen drinking skyy vodka or its best suited for females?

No problem at all. SKYY vodka is the leading American vodka. If you prefer to spend your money on American products, then it is completely OK to drink SKYY. Even if you don't care about that, it is... Read More »

How much are vodka shots in Vodka Revolution bars?

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Do you think I have a drinking problem It's a rare day that I don't start at lunch time.?

No but drinking might have a problem for you as it will eventually cause damage, what strength is the stuff you drink? I reckon its common sense if you feel ill then it would be more of a danger bu... Read More »