If someone had under 80 friends on facebook, what would be your thoughts of them?

Answer i wouldnt think anything either way - the number of friends someone has doesnt tell you anything about what type of person someone isit's childish to worry about such things

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How can I stop my Facebook friends from interacting with my In Real Life friends?

I left Facebook long ago. I truly think it brings out the worst in people, prolonging the junior-high mentality into middle age, and beyond.How are you doing, Sips?Ah, you know me, being sweet and... Read More »

Give me your thoughts about facebook?

Lol! That's pretty much what I do. All I go on Facebook for is to see what's up with people's lives, I rarely post something... I wouldn't deactivate it. I mean it is up to you, but it's good to kn... Read More »

Facebook friends temporarily disappearing from my friends list!!! ?

They probably deactivated their account then reactivated it, it happens to me too sometimes.

Facebook: If two people have 92 mutual friends shouldn't they be friends?

well if people have 92 mutual friends and aren't friends themselves than most of the 92 probably aren't real life friends, just friends over facebook. It seems the average for everyone on facebook ... Read More »