If someone dies with braces on, do they take them off?

Answer It wouldn't matter because the mouth will be closed. As far as a cast or bandage, they take it off and cover it up with clothing or jewelry

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When someone with braces dies, are the braces taken off before burial, or do they just leave them on?

Depends on the family, remember that when people die, they never die with a smiling face... -_- so you will never be able to know, if you remember the Simpsons, when they unburied the Simpson Popul... Read More »

If someone dies with braces on, do they leave them on?

I assume that would be up to the family, whether or not they would want the mortician to take them off.Edit: The mortician would not be able to get the cement off the teeth, but they could certainl... Read More »

If you die with braces on, do they take them off before burying you?

Hi! Probably not as the mouth is sewed shut in most cases. The embalming procedure is more complicated and in most cases all openings are sewn shut. I wouldn't worry about it, you will probably ... Read More »

If you died with braces on would they take them off?

That would be up to your loved ones, probably