I get several calls from 866-235-0053. Is there anyway to stop these losers from calling me?

Answer Try looking up the National Do Not Call List

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Does anyone know where this number is from They keep calling my cell phone: (913) 489-3475?

It's the Target Admissions Support Center (TASC). They recruit for major colleges in your local area.I called them myself and said it was on my cell phone. She advised that it's an automated system... Read More »

Does it cost anything to receive calls from a calling card?

It only uses your minutes. There are no additional charges for you

How do I get the "Republican National Committee from stop calling me with their annoying phone calls?

Call your phone company. Most phone companies (Verizon does, for sure) have a "nuisance phone call" department that can help you with repeated unwanted calls.

I have a t-mobile do i block a number from calling me that persistently calls everyday regardless?

T-Mobile has a free call blocking feature. Just call them at 1-800-937-8997 and get customer serivce... Give them the number - unless it is blocked by the sender - and they can drop the caller...... Read More »