If smoking seems not to have any benefits for the body then, why do people smoke?

Answer I've been smoking since the early 1960's I also used to use heroin & be an alchoholic I quit those 2 but smoking is much harder to kick, at least for me it is! Some times I wish I did quit other ti... Read More »

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If smoking harms our body and reduces life of smoker. Then why do smokers smoke cigaretes, charas etc. Aren't?

That is because cigarettes give smokers a relaxing feeling. On cold days, they smoke often to keep them warm along with a shot of rum. For centuries, smoking has become a lifestyle.

The feedback from the smoking ban being wrong was what about this then you smoke haters!!!!?

yes i agree !! drunk driving and speeding kill more each year than passive smoking... fact!!plus the young yobs fueled off drink attack people killing many ayear!!!i wish they would do a survey in... Read More »

Why do people smoke if smoking is bad for your health?

A better question is: "Why do people start to smoke today?"Obviously, people become addicted and find it difficult to quit. But, why on earth would anyone in the year 2006 stick a cancer stick in... Read More »

Do you think some people smoke crack, and then ask questions on Yahoo?