If say you cut your hand...?

Answer If you absolutely could not go get stitches, and it is no longer bleeding then the important thing is to keep it clean. Put sterile dressings on it and try to not too touch the side of the bandage... Read More »

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Will slamming your hand in a car door dream your hand?

Not necessarily. You would really have to slam the door hard and even then idk how hard That would need to be. Fingers would break more easily than your hand which has so much more muscle surroundi... Read More »

Your daughter has Brachial plexus.she moves her hand and fingers but cant bend her arm or raise her hand.she is starting to try to lift her arm and shrugs her shoulder is this a good sign?

GeekIsLuv says,Has seizures? No... no, I don't think that's common. I don't know any three year olds that have seizures frequently. I'd see a doctor or something about that; I can't find any inform... Read More »

Why does your 5 year old son start writing with his left hand and finishes with his right hand?

it is probably easier for him i used to be like that but i settled into being left handedThe boy has not yet " decided " which hand he will use to write with. At a certain point, his brain will dec... Read More »

If you hold a lit flashligh to your hand in the dark why do you only see your vaines and not your bones?

ive always wondered that too! ever since i was little. it'd be great to have an answer.