If reincarnation was a 100 percent proven fact... Would you still eat meat?

Answer That's a great hypothetical. believe there is natural justice and a balance in life. Everything is joined in this interconnectedness of energy and life. Hurting others or nature is only, in effect... Read More »

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Right,its a PROVEN FACT that the placebo effect does work...?

Very good point.Placebo has traditionally been used as a benchmark for testing drugs to see if the drugs can outperform it.However its validity is being seriously drawn into question after research... Read More »

Meat thermometer says meat it at the right temperature, but meat is still pink inside?

The meat is safe to eat once it attains a certain temperature. If you prefer well done meat, cook it longer. The 165 degree rule is for safety.

Vegetarians: Would you still eat meat if you were stuck in the middle of Nowhere?

No. How could I "still eat meat" if I don't eat meat NOW?And if I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, why on Earth would I eat meat that is just lying around? I happen to live in the middle of no... Read More »

Frog legs Deer Meat Or Alligator Meat Which would you want to try?

I've eaten Venison *deer* and Bear, but not Frogs legs or Alligator. I think I'd want to try Alligator, Frogs legs would be too small for me, I'd probably have to eat alot to get a taste for them.E... Read More »