If pregnancy exacerbates a pre-existing medical condition can your disability claim be denied?

Answer This isn't a yes or no question. See the research. Turn in the claim and see what happens.Is Pregnancy covered under the Disability Plan?When two causes join in causing injury, one of which is insu... Read More »

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Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition under Short Term Disability group coverage?

Answer In my experience as an insurance agent the disability insurance policy I can offer specifically excludes pregnancy. Also, from what I have seen with other policies is that since pregnancy is... Read More »

Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition under short term disability individual coverage?

It is not pre-existing if you were not pregnant when you took out the coverage, it may however be excluded as a covered benefit. Check your policy for language related to pregnancy and maternity le... Read More »

If you were treated for a condition in April and got insurance coverage in May would a claim for treatment in October be a pre-existing condition?

AnswerPropably. Did you have prior insurance? For more info see and scroll down the pageAnswerDepends on the diagnosis: broken arm? No .... allergi... Read More »

If you've had surgery that will likely need to be repeated will future claims for this be denied under the 'pre-existing condition' clause?

%DETAILS% Answer Did you have the surgery on the same plan you have now?Did you admit to this surgery on the application?How long is the pre-x clause?Does your state require that your present cover... Read More »