Vegans, why do you care so much about the animals I am sure they would kill you if they could?

Answer I am actually caring more about animals and their welfare as I am quickly losing faith in my fellow humans who have no compassion for animals or people for that matter.

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Could an adopted child's birth certificate be changed so they would not be able to tell they were adopted?

Answer Yes. When a child is legally adopted the child's original birth certificate is amended by court order. The birth certificate will then bear the surname of the adoptive parents and perhaps ... Read More »

Would a jay leno or vin diesel baby at that person that 123 333 bench behind his and his families back just so they could sit with pitt depp or clooney since they got all the girls?

If you could build your dream home, where would it be What would the setting be like?

A mountain chalet in Switzerland with a blank canvas garden to transform and all that clean pure Alpine air !

If you could have 7 people to dinner, who would they be and why?

Jimi Hendrix - To ask how he did what he did and talk music.A. Eienstein - To talk science and explain some theorys2 of my dead mates (they can share a chair!) To chat & waffleGhandi for his wisdom... Read More »