If parents have joint custody do they have to agree about therapy for the child?

Answer Yes. That's why judges are reluctant to grant joint custody to parents who have a contentious relationship. It is common for one parent to object to such issues as a way to maintain control over th... Read More »

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In Massachusetts does joint legal custody mean that BOTH parents must agree on schooling and health and other important issues?

Answer Both parents for the sake of the child(ren) should try to reach a compromise on such issues. If they cannot, one or both may request arbitration or counseling through the family court. It is... Read More »

Can a custodial parent with joint legal custody sue someone the child was in an auto accident with when the father does not agree?

Answer Yes. There is nothing that prohibits someone suing on behalf of their minor child without the consent of the other parent.

If 2 parents have joint custody and are fighting over who the child lives with how old does the child need to be to have a say in which house she wants to live in?

AnswerTime for the two parents to grow up and come to some sort of an amicable agreement. All a child sees is "mom and dad" and anything other than that is useless information for him/her. The son/... Read More »

How old does a child need to be in Illinois to refuse to see one of their parents in a joint custody situation if one parent is causing mental anguish and the child is afraid of being physically hurt?

Answer causing mental anquish and being afraid of being physically hurt doesn't mean these things have happened. If there is phyical harm and mental anquish, have a Court determine such from medi... Read More »