If one of siblings die with mum does the inheritance go to other siblings and the dead sons children or his wife?

Answer Ye, Halle berry has 1 sister.

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What happens when the husband receives inheritance from his parents and then dies shortly after does the wife get the money or his siblings?

It depends on how your husband's parents left the will. In most cases when an inheritance is left to the husband and he passes on then any monies or property is merged into what your husbands finan... Read More »

Can children interact with their dead siblings?

he had a sister named Sarah and a bro named Thomas

If children have older siblings around 17 or 18 years old will they think it is cool to do drugs or party like their older siblings?

They might think it is cool if they think the older sibling is a role model to them. If they do try to get the older sibling to clean up around him/her or put his/her attention on a different role ... Read More »

What is the order of monetary inheritance in a family of siblings?