If one is diagnosed as hiv positive is it a bad idea to become a raw vegan?

Answer well obviously going vegan is one of the best things you can do if you have any disease, as the animal protein found in animal products greatly provokes disease because animal protein is foreign to... Read More »

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What would you tell a person diagnosed as HIV positive?

Well, we are all going to die, aren't we? Luckily, HIV infection is not the dreadful condition that it used to be.There are therapies that can control the virus even if it has infected the body, an... Read More »

Is vegan academy a good idea or ripoff?

okay i was gonna look at the website just to be sure but then i saw 5 textbooks and i was like total ripoff besides vegan academy is so silly i mean if she's into that sort of thing she should beco... Read More »

Does dark chocolate contain milk Dessert idea for my vegan friend?

Many don't when they are over 70% cocoa solid typically, however they usually are produced on the same line as milk chocolate & thus cross-contamination can occur hence why most aren't labelled veg... Read More »

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Nonvegetarian 0/10pesco or poulo pseudo vegetarian 0/10ovo-lacto vegetarian 5/10vegan 10/10I love being vegan too.