If one gets a neck tattoo (or facial tattoo for that matter) is one pretty much ever writing off having a job?

Answer My boyfriend has neck tattoos and he has had trouble in the past trying to get a job. Even a warehouse job turned him away due to his neck tattoos. It depends on the job field your trying to go int... Read More »

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My kid wants a "Death Row" tattoo on her neck, Is 7 too young?

I'm sure you're a really good MOM--seriously, you HAVE to pick one of those ppl who were WAY too concerned about your parenting skills as best answer. I think some of them really hate you! it's t... Read More »

Can you join the army with a tattoo on your neck? This will tell you everything you need to know about Tattoos on the Neck and Hands.

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Tattoo lettering art enhances the design a person chooses to wear on her body. A wide variety of trends in style in 2011 include the application of initials, names or complete sentences. Specific f... Read More »