If one doesn't eat meat for a day are they considered vegetarian?

Answer What a silly question!! I hope you aren't poking fun of us vegetarians. Maybe you need some counseling or a freaking life!!!Just because someone calls you a horse doesn't mean you have to buy a sad... Read More »

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If a person eats fish but not meat are they technically a vegetarian?

Fish is meat and your friend is not a vegetarian. I got into an argument today with someone who said they ate meat sometimes but they are still a vegan. I think people just like to hear themselves ... Read More »

Is a person still a vegetarian even if they pick the meat out of their food?

Calling that "vegetarian-in-training" is probably accurate.I've never done it, never would, and sort of sigh at the occasional expectation that that might make something vegetarian 'enough' for me ... Read More »

As a recent vegetarian if I am invited to a dinner can I eat meat if that is what they are having?

your reasons for becoming a vegetarian are health-related and not political, so you're not being a hypocrite if you eat a little bit of meat to make life easier. you can get back on track the next... Read More »

Why would someone choose to become a vegetarian Do they ever miss eating meat?

Why would someone choose to put rotting animal flesh into their mouths?