If one doesn't eat meat for a day are they considered vegetarian?

Answer What a silly question!! I hope you aren't poking fun of us vegetarians. Maybe you need some counseling or a freaking life!!!Just because someone calls you a horse doesn't mean you have to buy a sad... Read More »

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Why Egg is not considered as Vegetarian when milk is considered as Vegetarian?

Vegetarian society declared Egg vegetarian long back . I don`t remember the date .

I wnt to be a vegetarian but my mom doesnt want me to be?

how old are u sweety? i had the same problem, i was about 14 when i wanted to be vegetarian just because i hate animal cruelty and didnt want to eat meat anymore cos i thought it was mean, but my p... Read More »

I want to become a vegetarian, but im addicted to meat. how can i go vegetarian?

Stop buying meat when you go to the grocery store. Use up what you're got in your fridge, freezer, cupboards, whatever. Don't waste food, that doesn't serve your ideological cause either, after all... Read More »

Is deer&elk meat considered red meat?

Both deer meat and elk meat are considered red meat. Deer meat is sometimes referred to as venison. In addition to obtaining deer and elk meat from hunting, deer and elk are also raised on ranches ... Read More »