If not Norton . . . which ?

Answer I use F-Secure, and it's by far the best I've ever used!!-Mikey B

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Which is better mcaffee or Norton antivirus and which is faster?

should protect your pcotherwise may not last longerwhich is better i'd go with nortonit is the most trusted antivirus and online security in the world and considered by many immortal leader of onli... Read More »

Which one do you recommend, AVG or Norton Antivirus?

I've been using Norton Antivirus since it first came out.Until AVG came out of the market and I had a chance to evaluate the two application. And the result is......AVG Wins!! ! ! ! ! !

Which anti virus is better Kaspersky or Norton?

Sorry to disagree, but of the two choices, I'd go for Kaspersky every time. Just look at the charts showing the time-to-release for the updates after a new virus comes out. Symantec (Norton) is alw... Read More »

In which children's t.v. show did alex norton star?