If no arch support is bad for you, then what about being barefoot?

Answer The "experts" are being forced to eat their words because of recently published research which clearly shows that the support they say is so important is actually harming your feet, your knees, you... Read More »

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Whats the best insoles for arch support ?

I use Neat Feet if you have that where you live.

What Sandals Have Good Arch Support for Women?

If you suffer from aching feet you should consider the possibility that your footwear does not offer you proper arch support. Wearing footwear that lacks good arch support can cause heel, knee or l... Read More »

How to Run Barefoot?

The key to a good barefoot running technique is understanding how to stack your joints properly during the run so that you reduce harmful impact on your body.

Are you barefoot now?

i love being barefoot! if i could i would be barefoot all the time