If my son connects his x box to his laptop can he use the wifi facility from the laptop to play online?

Answer Hi Beryl yes it is possible to use the laptop as an access point. so i would suggest this also gets wil find ways around most things these bright sparks earn a fortune at he... Read More »

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My laptop doesnot automatically connects my wifi when i switch on my wifi?

First off I never shut down my WiFi (aka Router).It is kind of a risk shutting it down because .When does the light bulb burn out most the time.When you turn it on.That router has the potential of ... Read More »

Can you play online with an 80 Gb PS3 or laptop?

Eighty gigabytes is enough of space for online play for the Sony Playstation 3 and a laptop. You will also need a connection to the Internet, preferably of broadband speed.Source:The Free Dictiona... Read More »

Is my laptop too slow to play online games?

It's time you should upgrade your laptop. Plus how about changing to a more faster net connection service?

Laptop connects then disconnects from router?

Turn OFF power saving features of the cardsometimes there is a BIOS option for that tooset the laptop power scheme to ALWAYS ONand NEVER power off the wireless.alter the router to list the laptop i... Read More »