If my server has tattoos, do I stlll have to leave a tip?

Answer That is exactly right! Never leave a tip to a server with $2000.oo worth of tattoos...

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How to Set Outlook Express To Leave Email Messages On The Server?

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How do I configure Outlook to leave mail on a POP server account?

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Tattoo poll: Do you prefer color tattoos, or black and grey tattoos?

I only have colour tatts I love frogs and they just would not be the same in black shades. but I love some of the grey/black ones. My tatts are as vibrant as when I got them as I look after them.

People with tattoos,how many hours of work do you have invested in your tattoos?

I have 14 tattoos. Probably about 33-35 hours worth. And I am not done yet. :)