If my parents won't help me apply for FAFSA what are my options?

Answer In general, I think your options are limited to getting married, having a baby, joining the military, or turning 24. I know there have to be exceptions for people who's parents are dead, but I've n... Read More »

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FAFSA Filing Options?

Many families find the cost of college to be too great to pay with just their own income. Also known as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the FAFSA gives students the opportunity to app... Read More »

How to Set a Pin for Parents on FAFSA?

FAFSA is another name for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. College students that wish to obtain financial aid in order to pay for college tuition, books and fees are required to fill o... Read More »

Can I apply for both FAFSA&WIA?

Students may apply for both FAFSA and WIA -- the two programs are completely separate. WIA benefits, given under the Workforce Investment Act, include job training, adult education and unemployment... Read More »

When can you apply for the FAFSA over again?

You can reapply after you do your taxes for this year. Around Feb/March of 2009.