If my mom got married to a man who had a son already what is his son to you?

Answer a step brotherIf your mom's husband already has a son of his own, that makes it your stepbrother. If your mom and her husband later have a child together, that would be your half brother/sister.

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Can a female spouse join the guard if she is already married to military and has children?

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If you are 16 and are pregnant or have already had the child of a guy 18 and old in Florida how is it legally possible to get married without parental consent?

Answer Yes, if you have had a child, and swear on this, and have a doctors proof, then you may apply for a marriage license without the consent of your parents thought may decide not to issue you ... Read More »

Is financial reasons a good enough reason to give a baby up for adoption if you already have 2 children and you are married but failed birth control was the cause of third pregnancy?

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Can a 17-year-old girl marry an 18-year-old guy when they were already both married to other people without needing the girl's parents' consent?

Answer I am not certain I am reading this correctly, but...NO! If you are married to someone and do not get legally divorced, you cannot marry someone else. That would be bigamy, and is illegal. Th... Read More »