What Color of Eye Shadow Should You Wear?

Answer Eye shadow is a way to add color to your cosmetics routine. You may prefer a neutral eye or you may want your eye makeup to stand out. When you first start wearing eye shadow, it may be difficult t... Read More »

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What Color to Wear With Blue Eyes & Brown Hair?

Each individual has a unique coloring and a corresponding color palette to work with. Depending on the color of your hair and eyes, certain shades can make you look wonderful or sickly. Skin tone a... Read More »

I've got brown eyes what coulor eyelinner should i wear? says you should wear purple with brown eyes.

What Color Eye Make-Up Should Girls With Brown Eyes Use?

According to the Eye Doctor Guide, more than half of the world has brown eyes. When you have the most common eye color around, it's only natural to want to make your earthy hues pop and be noticed.... Read More »

What color blue contacts should you use with brown eyes?

On One Hand: Choose a Shade to Match Your PreferenceWhile those with a light shade of eye color can often achieve a change in appearance with more subtly "enhancement-tinted" lenses, contact-lens w... Read More »