If my computer monitor is brighter, will it "die" earlier?

Answer It will shorten the lifespan. I wouldn't worry about it though. Based upon today's pricing, 21" monitors will be less than a hundred dollars within three years.

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How to make my windows computer monitor brighter?

There should be a button on your keyboard r your monitor.

How to Make an HP Monitor Brighter?

The brightness of your monitor contributes to eye strain when working extended periods of time. Just as an excessively bright monitor can tire your eyes, so can a dim display. Ideally, your monitor... Read More »

How to Make a Laptop Monitor Brighter?

The luminosity of a laptop screen can be increased to brighten the viewing area by pressing a combination of keys on the keyboard. Increasing screen brightness can help reduce eye fatigue and impro... Read More »

Is a dimmer or brighter comp monitor better for my eyes?

Hey there im gonna answer you like i answer everyone lol "Im studying PC engineering" and maybe this would help.Your eyes hurt and sometimes you get headaches, am i right?Well if i am then this is ... Read More »