If my computer is running too slow what is necessary on the startup menu?

Answer On One Hand: Less Desktop Is BetterEvery time your computer starts up, it uses some of its memory to operate anything on your desktop. So the more you have on your desktop, the slower your computer... Read More »

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My computer is running slow. What can I do ?

Using a registry cleaner can clean up your computer and then make your computer faster,Why?the reason is that there may be some registry errors and remnant,corrupt files and temp files in your comp... Read More »

My computer is running slow what is the problem?

To fix a slow computer you can go to Download reg clean for free.It can clean your computer and restore your system to optimum performance.It works very well for me.... Read More »

My computer is running real slow, what can I do?

My computer is running very slow. what is the best way to clean it up and speed it up.?

you possibly have a game or something that is taking up a lot of space, hence slowness.