If my cervix is soft at 35 weeks does that mean the baby will be here soon?

Answer babies I think that you should see a doctor first and get everything checked out.

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Will you go into labor soon if you're 34 weeks 1cm and cervix is soft?

Does it mean the baby is coming really soon if you are at 36.5 weeks with your third child and your cervix has softened and the baby has dropped?

Answer If it is your first baby this is about what you would expect, the baby will come when it is ready.2/6/2008: I'm sure since you have already had 2 children that you are aware of what your bod... Read More »

You are 19 weeks pregnant and your doctor told you today that your cervix is soft and short what does that mean?

You have had lots of mucus plug discharge over the last 2 weeks people say the baby has dropped off and on contractions and was dilated to a 1 with thick cervix how soon can labor be im 36 weeks?