If your boyfriend stops calling you as much as he used to should you break up?

Answer No you shouldn't break up just because he stops calling you as much as he did... I think you should ask him if you did something wrong or if there was anything wrong like one of his family members ... Read More »

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How to Get Your Mom to Break up With Her Boyfriend?

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Did Daniele break up with her boyfriend?

Dancing with the stars plays original song while American Idol has other people sing the songs other than the Original recording artists. The also make comments and compare who did the song better ... Read More »

How to Break Up with an Uninteresting Boyfriend?

It's always pressurizing to have a boyfriend who pampers you like a baby but you don't want all that nonsense. So, here is some stuff you would like to read to come over this relationships that's b... Read More »

How to Break Up with a Possessive Boyfriend?

If you are involved with a jealous/possessive person it is time for you to reconsider your relationship. This is abuse. Learn to recognize the signs of abuse. Then take the next step and decide to ... Read More »