If my boobs are perky is it ok not to wear a bra?

Answer No, wearing a bra isn't just to make your breasts perky. It is to support them so you don't have complications like back problems and what not. Although that may not be an issue now it could be in ... Read More »

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Ok im 20 and is there any way to make my boobs more perky?

The best fix is a good bra. go to Victoria's secret and get fitted no more sports bras,lift the girls don't smash them.

Im 14 years old and i wear a 32a. How can i get bigger boobs?

At 14 years old you still have lots of time for bigger boobs, but there's a natural home remedy that you can try that will firm up and give the illusion of larger boobs. Most of the ingredients you... Read More »

Since I don't have Boobs, do I really need to wear the Top Part of my String Bikini?

I usually don't bother!! They'd need an effing good set of binoculars tio charge me with indecent exposure too!! in Australia we all go topless on most beaches...very few don't have a to... Read More »

If your boobs are dropping but your stomach is kind-of flat, is a crop-top a gross thing to wear in public?

Plastic surgery is your friend.If that's not an option, I suggest Maidenform or Bali.#2 - See first suggestion - get a loan.