If more people die from alcohol than marijuana....?

Answer no one...NOT ONE PERSON......has ever died from ingesting Marijuana.......( in any form ) order to ingest a toxic would have to eat/smoke upwards of 5 or more POUNDS of it........ Read More »

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Should people`s who stops drinking alcohol for more than 3 months or more?

That's a nice idea, but how would anyone prove they have not drunk alcohol in three months..

Do you think Marijuana is more healthy than crack, cigarettes and any other substance people use ?

I think it should be legalized and regulated, but your rationale is flawed.Just because something is better than something else doesn't make it good and desirable.

Why are some people more at risk for alcohol addiction than others?

Some people are more at risk for alcohol addiction than others. While scientists continue to study alcoholism as of 2010, some factors causing the disorder are already well documented.Genetic Predi... Read More »

Do people that are obese need to drink more alcohol than a skinny person to get drunk?

the heavy person has to drink more, and it is because of the body size and mass that needs the larger quantity of liquor to become drunk