If it's unnatural to eat meat, then why do vegans need to take vitamin supplements?

Answer I don't need to take supplements, who told you that? I know people who are meat eaters who take supplements and pills a lot of pills and I also know some vegetarians and vegans who choose to take s... Read More »

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If raw veganism is unnatural, then why do none of them take supplements or eat fake food?

I agree with your assessment of raw food diets, but I don't like the preachiness, either.

If i dont eat meat or take dairy do i need vitamin b12?

Probably. There is some b12 in eggs...if you eat a lot those every day. But your best bet is to start taking a b12 pill. They're not expensive; unlike some vitamins/minerals, you can't overdose on ... Read More »

Should vegetarians take any vitamin supplements?

Well, it depends on the supplement. Should you take a multi-vitamin? No, because you can get all the vitamins on a vegetarian diet.. but it certainly wouldn't hurt you if you wanted to take one. Th... Read More »

If human were not meant to eat meat and diary products, then why do plant based foods lack vitamin b-12?

Why would you believe anyone who tells you humans aren't meant to eat meat? We are omnivores, and while maybe we shouldn't eat as much meat as we do, that's not to say that we shouldn't eat any at ... Read More »