If it has been a few days after i realized i was bitten, i should be okay, right?

Answer yea, if doesn't get worse. it is most likely a spider bite. i get them a lot. the problem with spider bites is you don't know until a few days after. it will stay a small red bump for at least a we... Read More »

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I had unprotected sex 2 days before my period I got my period 2 days later then it just stopped after 3 days Ive been feeling tired nauseous peeing alot and my boobs are sore could I be pregnant?

YES! I would most likely say you are showing all signs of pregnancy but i would first ask a doctor.:)

What may cause severe knifelike pain in right hemisphere of head that feels like a stroke stops after a minute or so and leaves a residual flu-like feeling and headache on right side for days after?

There is something called "ice pick migraines" which feel very much like someone has literally jammed an ice pick through your head. They last fewer than 5 minutes (mine last for less than 30 secon... Read More »

My finger was bitten by a kid pretty hard and now it's been numb for a few hours. Should I go to emergency?

How Soon Should Rabies Shots Start After Being Bitten by a Dog?

A proxy block is used by computer owners or network administrators to keep users from accessing websites that use a large amount of bandwidth, receive a high flow of traffic or display inappropriat... Read More »