If it doesn't hurt after (like day after) am I doing something wrong?

Answer No, the pain is caused by muscle break-down which is the precursor to building more muscle. Intense exercise can result in a build-up of acid within the tissue which breaks down torn muscle fibers ... Read More »

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My shoulders hurt after bench press, what am I doing wrong?

You may have damaged your shoulders a bit lifting too heavy years ago. However you can take some steps to help alleviate the issues. For one thing, doing sets in the 8-12 rep range is a good idea f... Read More »

Weird red spots on feet looks as if veins exploded, doesnt hurt but feet hurt after short standing periods?

You probably should see a podiatrist and find out what's going on with your feet. You may be developing varicose veins in your feet (which can be genetic) or it could be something else. If it's v... Read More »

Why do I get sleepy after sex Shouldn't I feel energized What am I doing wrong?

Well, honey, if it wasn't a quickie in the men's roomat the local 7-11, then you ought to be totally spent!

After removing my cable tv, i cant get any channels to come in, what am i doing wrong ?

Maybe the setting on your tv is set to "cable" rather than "tv"; you have no reception where you are, or you don't have a tv with a tuner. If you discontinued your cable service, you could try plu... Read More »