If insurance companies can't even compete against a government option, why do we have them again?

Answer It's a false arguement. Assuming that you're talking about health insurance, every country that has "government health care", ALSO has private health insurance. Everyone who can afford private he... Read More »

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Do oil companies compete against each other?

Yes, oil companies compete against each other. Like other businesses (retailers, manufacturers, hotels) an oil company attempts to attract customers from other oil companies to generate maximum pro... Read More »

Will a lip piercing that puts pressure on your teeth harm them even if it does not bang against them?

Answer it does scrape the enamel off of your teeth a bit, but the main thng is to keep your teeth very clean with brushing and using a mouthwash, like listerine, and keep an eye on the jewelry you ... Read More »

In NY if you have health insurance and have colon cancer but want to switch insurance companies for better coverage does the other insurance company have to take you?

Answer I sure would check before I made the switch. You could be getting into that pesky, ''pre exsisting condition'' thing.......Ask the new carrier first before you switch, (I'd get it in writing... Read More »

If your insurance company gives you the option of being paid directly by them or by the other drivers insurance company which is a better choice?

Answer Depends on who's going to give you more money and other factors such as will your rates go up if your company pays you, etc.