If, in 2006, there were no computers yet, what would you be doing right now?

Answer if there were no computers yet in the year 2006 then i would be in the library searching for information for my projects ,other than this i would spent times with my friends , hangout with them, l... Read More »

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If there was no electricity anywhere on the planet right now, what would you be doing?

This takes me right to the Colonial House on PBS or something like that. I would like to be reading, but in a more realistic light, I would probably be doing the chores of the day before I go to ... Read More »

Is there anyway to defeat software employers install on computers to watch what employees are doing?

Asking around be back soon if it's on a local area network - and just tracks what websites you've been to (rather than a key-logger) - there is no way around it unless you can get to the network se... Read More »

Were would you be now if computers were not invented?

What would you do if there was no tv, computers or pcs no more?

i'd have proper family nights,where me and my kids all sat down together and played games and talked,instead of one of them being on the pc,one on the wii and one upstairs on the x-box,and i'd be t... Read More »