If im the stepfather and the original father can't be found what should i do?

Answer An adult can definitely adopt an adult. This can prove to be one of the easiest adoptions. Simply because the adult being adopted would need no permission from his or her biological parents as long... Read More »

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What should a father do if stepfather is violent towards his children?

Have a long talk with him about it. If it happens again let the step father know the police will be involved. Or go back to court and get custody of the children

If a 14-year-old child is being physically and mentally abused by his stepfather what should he do if all the cops in that city are friends of the stepfather?

Answer Find an attorney that is not associated with the city or the police department. Preferably a young female attorney under age 30. Tell her your story, and be ready to leave your stepfather... Read More »

Child has had no contact with bio father in 3.5 years. Child is 4 and stepfather wants to adopt. Bio father will not voluntary terminate rights. What is the process to have step father adopt?

Ring the Dept for chid Protective Services and ask for relevant forms. They will also let u know of family court forms u need to submit. There is alot involved and some legal advice or a lawyer wou... Read More »

Can a stepparent be listed on a birth certificate if the father section is blank and the stepfather is not his biological father?