If im on Tegretol can i take Apple Cider Diet pills?

Answer Is that for neuralgia? I would be careful and ask my doctor as it is a powerful drug. That said, try half a diet pill for a couple of days, then if no side effects increase to a whole pill, then mo... Read More »

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Apple cider vinegar pills?

The results are inconclusive in the wider scheme of things. OK though if you have diabetes or ya' an obese Pwerson.

Regular apple cider or hard cider?

Scrumpy, the sort that makes you chase the white rabbit around and around. I love hard cider.

Do Diet Pills and/or Fat Burning Pills work?

Acomplia is the best working pill for me.Phentermine was also ok. Were pretty good results. I have switched to Acomplia since it is hard to get good Phentermine these days + side effects of phenter... Read More »

Are apple juice and apple cider vinegar the same?

Nope! Apple Juice is simply the juice of the apple, produced fresh. Apple cider vinegar is a much longer process--first apple cider is created (which is fermented apple juice) and then it is allo... Read More »