If im on Tegretol can i take Apple Cider Diet pills?

Answer Is that for neuralgia? I would be careful and ask my doctor as it is a powerful drug. That said, try half a diet pill for a couple of days, then if no side effects increase to a whole pill, then mo... Read More »

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Apple cider vinegar pills?

The results are inconclusive in the wider scheme of things. OK though if you have diabetes or ya' an obese Pwerson.

Should I take diet pills?

Hi, Agnes!No, I wouldn't take diet pills. They do funny things to your body's delicate chemistry balance.And, besides, you want your new beautiful you to be forever! And you wouldn't take diet pi... Read More »

Is there any way i can take apple cider vinegar WITHOUT losing weight?

ACV is supposed to boost your metabolism so to avoid losing any weight you might have to increase your calorie intake.Perhaps you could just take ACV normally, diluted with a lot of water, and hope... Read More »

Should a 12 year old take diet pills?

Absolutely Not. There is no need for diet pills that could possibly stunt your growth. If you want an appropriate diet go in to see your health care provider.