If im 27 weeks pregnant why does my fundal height measure 30 weeks?

Answer Yes, I was told that I had a small pelvis and I had two vaginal births. My first one was a forcepts delivery but my second one was fine.

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32 weeks pregnant and my fundal height is 36cm will I go into premature labor?

Answer Possibly, or it could mean you have a larger than average baby, or too much amnionic fluid, or your due date is incorrect.

How to Measure Fundal Height?

When a woman is pregnant, one of the ways she and her doctor make sure that the pregnancy is progressing normally is to determine the growth of the uterus. This can be done by 1 of 3 ways: a sonogr... Read More »

How much does someone measure at 16 weeks pregnant?

At sixteen weeks, a pregnant woman can be expected to measure about 16 cm. Beginning in the second trimester, the average woman measures the same as the number of weeks pregnant. However, a thicker... Read More »

How many centimeters should you measure at 35 weeks pregnant?