If i were to hit someone around the head with a melon would it hurt?

Answer Yup, it sure would.... unless, of course, the person was dead, then they wouldn't feel a thing...I think...I've never been dead, so I couldn't say for sure...

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Can a diabetic take water melon fruits in abundant quantities Doeswater melon juice increase sugar levels/?

No, not in large quantities, but just moderately. Large quantities would raise the blood sugar levels. The advantage of watermelon is that it does not contain as much sugar as, grapes for example a... Read More »

Why does my head hurt so much :(?

The best way to permanently cure headache/ migraine is to take homeopathic treatment. ConMed gives only temporarily relief, but homeopathy cures it permanently. Go to the link below for further inf... Read More »

Why does your head hurt when you cry very very much?

your body is being worked and your mind is stressed when u cry. after enduring that stress for a while your body gets tired and u get a headache and etc. if u were to keep on crying for a very long... Read More »

Why does my head still hurt?

Oh my. I see that I have somehow been able to infect you with my clumsiness. Anyway, I'd take some Advil. You can take up to 4 of the 200mg tabs, and you can repeat the dose every 6 hours. I'd ... Read More »