If i were to become a vegetarian, am i still allowed to eat chicken?

Answer Vegetarians don't eat chicken because it is meat and it is wrong, disgusting and inhumane. Chickens suffer the same fear and pain as cattle and sheep do. If you are compassionate about animals then... Read More »

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If you are a vegetarian can you still eat chicken?

your sister is a POLLOTARIAN!Pollotarians- eats poultry, such as chicken, turkey, and duck, but no red meat. occasionally eats fish.or you can say she is a flexitarianflexitarian- a vegetarian who ... Read More »

If you eat chicken, can you still be considered a vegetarian?

No, but some people would just call you a pollotarian (not sure on the spelling) which means you're basically a vegetarian, and the only meat you eat is chicken.A lot of vegetarians/vegans, includi... Read More »

If the conditions livestock were raised in improved, would you still remain vegan or vegetarian?

Your looking at this from the wrong end of the truck.Some farms Absolutely have great living conditions for animals, small family ones especially.The point is though that the tenderly reared and lo... Read More »

Would more people become vegetarian if they interacted with the animals they were eating?

It's a good question. I actually went vegetarian when working on a farm because I saw the suffering firsthand. But that is because I experience deep empathy for any kind of suffering. Most people d... Read More »