If i were a vegan, what would i have to stop eating?

Answer HiIts great too see your trying to change your eating habits and become a vegan its a healthier lifestyle vegans don't eat meat,fish,eggs,honey or dairy or wear fur,leather,feathers or anything fro... Read More »

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I'm a new vegan-am I eating correctly?

Yes pretty healthy. I don't see any flaws but the boca burger, but one a day, especially with all the fruit isn't too bad.Don't listen to others, people always try to discourage you, no protein, no... Read More »

Is eating vegan healthy?

On One Hand: Veganism Can Be HealthyIt is possible to eat a vegan diet--one in which no animals products are consumed--that is both healthy and satisfying to the tastes. A vegan diet is naturally f... Read More »

Being vegan but eating out with a friend?

You and your friend needs to do the research and make phone calls on finding restaurants with vegetarian and vegan options.For information on restaurants with vegetarian and vegan options go to htt... Read More »

Eating vegan at a Greek restaurant?

Almost nothing actually.Greeks cook EVERYTHING (even veggie dishes like spinach pie) in loads of butter.Most everything will have meat (specifically lamb) in it.They use LOTS of dairy products like... Read More »