If i were a vegan, what would i have to stop eating?

Answer HiIts great too see your trying to change your eating habits and become a vegan its a healthier lifestyle vegans don't eat meat,fish,eggs,honey or dairy or wear fur,leather,feathers or anything fro... Read More »

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If Jesus were a vegan what would His favorite vegetable be?

Potatoes I reckon. Maybe he can upgrade his 'flesh' to potato chips.

What disease would cause a cat to stop eating?

Cats don't stop eating because they've suddenly become finicky or stubborn. Cats who go without food for more than 24 hours can develop hepatic lipidosis, a serious and sometimes fatal liver diseas... Read More »

If the conditions livestock were raised in improved, would you still remain vegan or vegetarian?

Your looking at this from the wrong end of the truck.Some farms Absolutely have great living conditions for animals, small family ones especially.The point is though that the tenderly reared and lo... Read More »

If you were a vegan straned on an island with no vegetation, but lots of animals, would you eat them?

I think they'd be doing some fishing in the ocean. Not only would they eat the meat they would have to hunt (fish) for it too. Or hope they have useful tools to dig up clams.