If i was todownload games to my ipod nano but the games require 5 and 5.5 g and i have a 8 will it harm it?

Answer it is probably the generation the game works on. 5 gb is a lot of memory. even if the game is 5 gigs it shouldn't harm your i pod it will just take up most of the memory if you have a 8 gig

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Can you put games on an iPod Nano?

In addition to music and movies, the iPod Nano can play games. All iPod Nano models come with games installed, but you can download additional games through iTunes to third-, fourth- and fifth-gene... Read More »

Can you put iPod games on your cloned iPod Nano from itunes?

Nope. Sorry you can't. Good luck trying though. ^_^|| well, u can but most games are for ipads and itouch I haven't found any yet. so sad. i need new games! tell me if u find some!!!

Can the new ipod nano play games?

Yes, but not exactly like the ipod touch. It can play car games and more.. If you go to the Apple website you can find out more.

Can you put games to ipod nano version 1.1.3?

no, you cant put ur own games onto ur ipod, u have to buy a game on itunesThere are certain ways to add games off the internet, but that can load viruses onto ur computer and it doesnt always work.