If i was a guy and u were a girl would you do me?

Answer I'd nag, and complain cause the yard looks awful and you've let your waistline get out of hand!

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If you were a girl were would you rather go at theme park or the movies?

I am a girl...Personally, I would love to go to a theme park because I love roller coasters, but it's all personal preference.

What would you name your baby if it were a girl?

I like Anastasia. Or maybe FireRed. Thats hot!!!

Answerettes - What would you do if you were the most sexy woman/girl alive but (go on reading)...?

If you were stabbed in the throat, would you be able to scream How long would it take to die?

wow this screenplay is morbid.Depends If the knife severed the carotid artery , it could cause profuse and pulsatile bleeding, causing blood pressure to drop significantly , then death would occur ... Read More »