If i walk roughly 1.9 miles to and from school each day, will i tone up?

Answer Indian girls look good if muscular so rather than depending too much on walking do 20 push ups each morning when you wake up for an year. Your body won't be less than a super model.

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How many miles does the Heart Association recommend to walk each day?

The American Heart Association does not suggest a specific number of miles to walk each day, but does recommend physical activity such as brisk walking for 30 minutes or longer on most or all days.... Read More »

Roughly, on average, how long would you say you spend at your computer each day?

Four hours, 23 minutes and 56 seconds. Roughly.

Is a 68 gto are faster then 2005 gto with horse power and what are the quarter miles from each other?

No the newer GTO's were the fastest ever produced.2005 GTO had 400hp and the most powerful engine available in the 1968 model was 366hp.1968 Pontiac GTO (MT)400ci/350hp, 3spd auto, 3.23, 0-60 - 7.3... Read More »

How to Prepare your Child to Walk Home from School?

If your child will be walking to school for the first time this year, take a few moments to think about how you will prepare your child to stay safe along the way.