If i uninstall windows, install a motherboard then reinstall windows will it erase everything on my pc?

Answer You don't NEED to uninstall Windows for a new motherboard. I haven't reinstalled in years, even though I've upgraded everything imaginable. You CAN follow this guide: Read More »

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How do i erase&reinstall windows xp?

Start your computer and hit the key listed on the screen to enter the BIOS. Scroll through the menu options until you come to "Boot order." Choose the option to have the CD or DVD drive boot first.... Read More »

How to Erase Windows XP & Reinstall?

Windows XP is a Microsoft operating system released in 2002. Reinstalling Windows XP so that the next computer or laptop user has a clean operating system to start with can be done using the instal... Read More »

Ive upgraded my motherboard, CPU & RAM - Will I need to reinstall Windows XP?

there is another option which will preserve all ur settings & programs & at the same install all the drivers properly.1) Boot ur system with Xp CD.2) Go for installtion, at the time of installation... Read More »

How to Uninstall & Reinstall TCP/IP in Windows XP?

Disabling and re-enabling Internet protocol (TCP/IP) in Windows XP is necessary in some situations where an Internet connection is not functioning. A problem can occur where files pertaining to the... Read More »