If i stop taking seroquel, will i lose weight?

Answer On One Hand: Weight Loss May OccurWeight gain is a side effect of Seroquel, an atypical anti-psychotic drug used to treat certain conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. ... Read More »

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How much weight will you lose taking Topamax?

Brian D. Loftus, M.D. of Bellaire Neurology, reports some patients have lost from 15 to 20 percent of their body weight while taking Topamax. No weight loss is reported from other patients. Weight ... Read More »

If I stop drinking a lot of pop will i lose weight I DONT WANT TO!?

Yes you will lose more weight. The good news its likely fat since sugar when its not metabolized turns into that. Of course, in your case, with your high metabolism the sugar never has a chance to ... Read More »

I fyou are not gluten sensitive and stop eating gluten will you lose weight?

If you eat GF substitutes, NOIf you eat chobani, meat, veggies, fruit, rice cakes, nuts.... YesThe best way to lose weight is to start walking and try to average at least 20 miles a week or more (3... Read More »

If i stop eating.... will it make me lose weight and look good or will it make me look fatter?

IF you stop eating then Yes you will get fat its common knowlege like come on EVERYBODY knows that.....