If i smoke would it kill the 6 weeks unborn baby?

Answer No, it wouldn't, but I would advise you not to because that can be really bad for the baby as you go further in your pregnancy, but then again, it might not!

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Can the flu kill a unborn baby?

it depends if the baby is going to be born premature bet if its just a headache or a blocked nose it wont kill it but a more serious flu will at least disable it

How to kill a unborn baby?

By having an abortion at the doctor by either using pills or a surgical abortion.

How many weeks does an unborn baby get fingernails?

Will you kill your unborn baby by doing drugs?

You shouldn't smoke with a baby or else it will have bad lungs. If your taking a prescription drug you should ask your doctor about it. If you smoking, drinking, taking drugs or anything like that ... Read More »