If i rubbed hand sanitizer all over my body would i get drunk?

Answer If you poured a 26oz on yourself, do you think you would get drunk? NO. Most of the alcohol will evaporate. You need to ingest it.And to ZaCj

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How much hand sanitizer do I need to drink to get drunk?

I don't figure that you are stupid enough to join the idiots that are actually drinking hand sanitizer. Your question has no value on this site and its better placed in the health categories if you... Read More »

Would hand sanitizer make a good substitute for spermicide?

Hand sanitizer is only intended for fisting. If you don't have any prior experience with this (yeah, right, as if!) we could try it the next time we meet up at Effin Ho Motor Lodge. I think it's yo... Read More »

If a sperm cell was rubbed onto a males hand and then placed into the hole of a vagina would you get pregnant?

Usually sperm dies outside the body after about 3 seconds (as according to Dr. Mark on Sunday Surgery BBC RADIO ONE) and if the man washes his hands, they die instantly.

Would it be bad on your body to get pregnant over and over again?

Answer yes. Answer There is no physical proof that continuous pregnancy is bad for the womans body. However, some women have 7 children right after each other and she has no problems while others h... Read More »