If i rubbed hand sanitizer all over my body would i get drunk?

Answer If you poured a 26oz on yourself, do you think you would get drunk? NO. Most of the alcohol will evaporate. You need to ingest it.And to ZaCj

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How much hand sanitizer do I need to drink to get drunk?

I don't figure that you are stupid enough to join the idiots that are actually drinking hand sanitizer. Your question has no value on this site and its better placed in the health categories if you... Read More »

How to Use Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is an extremely sanitary way to clean one's hands. Also, at times washing one's hands too often can dry skin. Hand sanitizer will help reduce skin dryness. A combination of hand sani... Read More »

What happens when you put hand-sanitizer in a cut?

Besides stinging, it will clean out the "good" and "bad" germs/bacteria out of it. It's probably not safe to use hand-sanitizer for your cut. It's best to use rubbing/cleansing alcohol, the cut w... Read More »

Is it bad to get hand sanitizer in your eye!!!?

What we in the medical profession know as conjunctivitis. a bacterial infection that is very contagious, but rather due to harsh chemicals in you eye from the hand sanitizer.Most O/C hand sanitizer... Read More »