If i ripped a rented dvd to my computer could you tell?

Answer Lets clarify one thing... in the US, it is NOT illegal to make a backup copy of a DVD, despite what the MPAA tells you. It might be a violation of their copyright, but it is not a criminal offense ... Read More »

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My computer has become very slow recently. Can anyone tell me what the problem could be?

You can do everything suggested which will help somewhat, but the main cause more than likely is that you have saved too much data such as pics, music, favorites files etc. and also since you say y... Read More »

Hi , any clever computer person out there that could tell me how to split 1 ethernet output into 4?

YOu need to buy a network router. This will link several ethernet connections

Where could I find ripped or destroyed denim/jagging jeans?

How to Play Ripped DVDs on My Computer?

Ripping a DVD to your computer's hard drive is a great way to back up the media that you've spent money on purchasing. DVDs get scratched and damaged over time and you may not have the ability to p... Read More »