If i put compost in a bucket, stir it and filter out the water with cloth, will it be good for irrigation?

Answer We do this for our garden. But only with fruit and vegtable debris. When you core or skin apples, cut the tops of strawberries, carrots, onions, etc. Use only fresh, not cooked. We place in a 5 gal... Read More »

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Compost bucket, best material?

I say a simple plastic container you can keep under the sink.

How to Clean Cloth Roll Towels in a Bucket?

Cloth roll towels can be substituted for paper towels in a kitchen or restroom. These towels can be reused over and over again, which eliminates waste caused by dirty conventional paper towels. Han... Read More »

Irrigation & Water Resources?

Irrigation is the bringing of water to agricultural areas where there is not sufficient rainfall to grow crops well. People have carried buckets of water to irrigate their crops from the earliest t... Read More »

How much water does drip irrigation save?

Drip irrigation can typically save about 50% more water, compared to sprinklers. Sprinklers are an inefficient method of delivering water, as they can result in evaporation or puddling. Drip irriga... Read More »